Supplier Discount

About the GM Supplier Discount

You move us forward, and that deserves something special. As an eligible employee of a GM supplier company, you’ve earned the GM Supplier Discount. It gives you a special discount below the MSRP on eligible, new Chevrolet vehicles. Combine your discount with the most current offers to save even more.

Employee Elegibility

Who is eligible for the GM Supplier Discount?

If you’re an active hourly or salaried (full- and part-time) employee of an eligible GM supplier or business associate (e.g., fleet and commercial customer) residing in the United States, you are eligible for the GM Supplier Discount. Contract employees are not eligible.

Which vehicles are eligible for the GM Supplier Discount?

Many new and unused GM cars; SUVs; crossovers; midsize, light-duty and HD pickup trucks; and passenger and cargo vans are eligible. Vehicle eligibility may change over time, so check before you buy.

What Documentation Is Required For The GM Supplier Discount Program?

To enjoy the GM Supplier Discount Program, please provide the following documents to Patriot Chevrolet Limerick associates:

  • A valid authorization number.
  • A copy of a valid company ID or badge.
  • A recent pay stub will all information redacted except the date of the pay stub, participant name, and company name can be used as a replacement for a company ID.
  • A copy of the participant’s driver’s license with the driver’s license number redacted.

IMPORTANT: by financing or leasing a GM vehicle using GM Supplier Discount program eligible parties and sponsored buyers to agree to the Program Rules and Guidelines and to abide by them. For more detailed information regarding program rules, please read the official GM Supplier Discount Rules and Guidelines.

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