Three Reasons You May Need to Replace Your Chevrolet Tires

Your Chevy tires are what connect your truck or car to the road, and they absorb the most wear and tear. Driving, turning, braking, various terrains, and even potholes can all take their toll on your wheels.

There are three reasons why you may need to replace the tires on your Chevrolet vehicle. Here at Patriot Chevrolet Limerick in Limerick, PA, we offer tire service and tires to help you out when the following happens…

Replace Your Chevy Tires When They Are Worn Out

When you buy a new Chevy truck, the tires are in perfect shape, with fat treads that grip the road with ease. Over time, as you put on miles on the road, the treads begin to wear down.

To know when it’s time to check with us about buying new tires, grab a quarter. Insert the coin between the treads in the middle of the tire, with George facing you. If you can see the top of his head, you have less than 1/8” of tread left. At 1/16” of an inch, it’s time to switch.

Replace Your Chevy Tires When They Are Damaged

You can usually patch a small hole in the treads of a tire and it will run fine for a while longer. We can even do that for you here in our Chevrolet service center.

However, if you damage the side of the tire, known as the sidewall, that’s a bigger issue. Whether it’s a hole or a large scrape in the rubber, damage to the side can cause the entire structure of the tire to be compromised.

Think of it like a building: You can take bricks off the top and it will still stand, but taking bricks out of the side may cause it to topple. The missing rubber from the side of your tire may cause it to blow.

Replace Your Chevy Tires When They Are Old

Even if you haven’t put a lot of miles on your tires, there’s no visible damage, and the treads look fine, you may still need to replace your tires.

Over time, the rubber of the tires can lose its strength, and cause the tire to be weak. A general rule to follow is to replace them every six years, but you can ask us here at your nearest Chevy dealer for a tire evaluation to make sure.

Patriot Chevrolet Limerick can help you with all your service needs, including tires!