Wheel Alignment with Chevy Service

When you’re driving down the highway in your Chevrolet Traverse, it’s your tires that connect you to the road. Maintaining the wheels on your vehicle with Chevy service is essential for handling, braking, gas mileage, and safety.

One of the most important services for your wheels is an alignment. You can make an appointment for one here at Patriot Chevrolet Limerick in Limerick, PA.

What Is Wheel Alignment?

You Chevy vehicle has specific settings for how all four of your wheels should be aligned. When you first bought your automobile, all of them were pointed in the same direction.

When your wheels are aligned, you won’t feel any pull from the car veering to the left or right. When you drive, begin to brake, or as you begin accelerating, you’ll head in a straight line without drifting.

As you put miles on your new Chevy truck or car, when you turn corners, ride over various terrain, and just drive in general, small shifts to your suspension and steering may occur, throwing your wheels subtly out of alignment.

Why Is Wheel Alignment Important?

When your wheels are out of alignment, it could affect your driving. As mentioned, the handling of your vehicle will be more difficult, as the misaligned wheels will automatically pull you off a straight course.

When you have your wheels aligned here at your Chevy dealer, the treads will wear more evenly across each individual tire, and between all four tires. When misaligned, you may notice more tread wear on one edge of the tire only. The wear and tear may be premature, causing you to replace your tires sooner than anticipated.

While the shift in the suspension system may cause wheels to become misaligned, the misalignment can also have a negative effect on the suspension, as well as the steering. While you’re trying to compensate for the pull, you’re putting extra stress on these systems, which may cause parts within to wear out faster.

Gas mileage may also be affected if your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment. The wheels are not operating together as they should, causing your engine to work harder. A harder working engine means more fuel is used.

Schedule Chevy service here at Patriot Chevrolet Limerick, and we’ll check that your wheels are properly aligned, and adjust them if necessary. We can also help you with any other service needs, like oil changes or filter replacements.