Are All-Season Tires Good Enough?

August 15th, 2022 by

Chevy Tires It may still be summer, but when you’re planning for the inevitable colder months just around the corner, there’s no time like the present. Patriot Chevy Limerick is your go-to Chevrolet dealership for parts and service, and today we’ll look at an often under-recognized aspect of your Chevy vehicle: the tires. Today we answer the question: are all-season tires good enough? 

Tire vs. Tire

What separates different tires? It’s not just marketing gobbledygook. Tread depth, tread configuration, sidewall depth, and rubber formulation will all vary. As a result, different types of tires will have different speed, season, and weight ratings. All-season tires are formulated to handle a bit of everything. They’ll handle most situations well, but there’s a catch: like any other tire for any other application, they have to be in good condition, with proper tread depth, correct inflation, and no signs of damage.

What Other Tires are Available?

You have several options.

  • Summer tires have a softer rubber formulation designed for better grip on hot, dry surfaces.
  • Performance tires are engineered for the demands of high-speed, high-maneuverability driving.
  • Snow tires are designed and optimized for grip in snow, ice, and slush.
  • Off-road tires are typically larger, harder, and patterned for rock, debris, sand, and rougher surfaces.
  • There are also tires for towing, hauling, and even minimizing damage on turf or grassy surfaces.

Not sure what you need? Ask your Chevy dealer, and we’ll ensure you get the right fit and formulation. If you decide to swap out tires for different seasons and purposes, keeping more than one set on hand, you’re not alone!

How Much Are New Tires?

If you decide to get snow tires or any other specialized tires, you’ll notice that prices vary quite a bit. Because your handling, traction, and safety depend on your tires, this is one time it pays not to be cheap. Choose quality, and replace tires on schedule — including your spare. Schedule Chevy tire service  at Patriot Chevy Limerick and learn more about your tire choices today!

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