Five Ways You Can Extend The Life Of Your Chevy Blazer

February 28th, 2022 by

Your Chevy Blazer does a lot for you, why not return the favor? Taking care of your vehicle is a great way to ensure it lasts for years to come, but some drivers still fail to perform regular maintenance on their vehicles. To help you get started on your maintenance journey, here are five ways you can ensure your vehicle lasts…

Read Your Manual

The first thing you should do after getting home from the dealership is to read your Blazer’s manual. Your manual will inform you about things like the type of oil you need, how often to perform certain tasks, and more!

Regular Multi-Point Inspections

Regularly inspecting your vehicle inside and out can help you stay on top of its current health status. These inspections may help identify a problem before it becomes a more costly repair!

Topping Off Fluids

Beyond filling up your fuel tank, make sure to keep your coolant, brake fluid, and wiper fluid topped off as well. These fluids play an important role in keeping your engine in peak condition, so make sure to remember this step!

Don’t Ignore Any Indicators

The last thing you should do if an indicator lights up on your dashboard is ignore it. While it may be indicating the need for a simple fix, it could be indicative of a much larger problem under the hood.

Changing Your Oil and Filters

You may have heard it a million times before, but changing your oil and oil filters is the best way to ensure your vehicle lasts a long time. Keeping your engine lubricated and clean can prevent premature engine wear, meaning a longer future on the road!

Have you been taking these steps to help your vehicle out? If you have, Great! Keep doing exactly what you’re doing. If not, it may be time for a visit to the Patriot Chevy Limerick service center. Book your appointment online today!

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