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Here at Patriot Chevrolet Limerick, we believe great cars should be available to everyone. That’s why we offer bad credit loan options, in addition to our wide variety of financing tools and resources.

It’s also why we’re sharing information on bringing up your credit score, so you can access the best financing terms for your needs.

How to Rebuild Your Credit
Credit plays an important role when it comes to financing your next car. Essentially, it tells the lender how risky you are to lend money to. While there are certainly financing options available to those with low credit, you can save money in the long and short term and find more available vehicles when you bring your credit score up.

Here are a few tips for rebuilding your credit before the next car purchase:

Pay Overdue Bills: It’s important to begin by paying overdue bills, to highlight that you’re a responsible purchaser and that you can return money to the lender.
Bring Your Debt Down: You want to find a good balance when bringing your debt down. It’s important to utilize some of your credit, but keeping your credit use too close to the limit can lower your credit score.
Pay Your Bills Regularly: Avoid hits to your credit score by always paying your bills on time and maintaining a good budget at home.
Check Your Credit Report: It’s a good idea to check your credit report often so you can see your progress. Checking your credit report also makes it easier to notice any usual activity that might be affecting your score, so you can address it right away.

For more information on auto financing and credit, make Patriot Chevrolet Limerick the Chevrolet dealership you turn to first. Schedule an appointment with our financing team today.

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