What Does Chevrolet Service After An Accident Look Like?

March 16th, 2022 by

Accidents happen, every driver knows this. They can range from a little fender bender to something much more serious, and while all accidents are stressful, you can rest easy knowing the Patriot Chevy Limerick Service Center has got your back. So, to help out those who haven’t had to navigate it before, here is what your Chevrolet service will look like after an accident.

Getting Your Vehicle To The Shop

Your first job is to get your vehicle out of harm’s way, and into the service center. If the damage looks mostly cosmetic and nothing is leaking out of your engine, you may be able to drive it if the shop is nearby. Otherwise, a tow will be required. Give our service center a call, and we’d be happy to suggest a tow company to help you get your vehicle seen ASAP.

Inspecting the Vehicle

Once your vehicle is in the shop, a thorough inspection will be performed to identify any damage incurred by the accident. This multi-point inspection will inspect your vehicle both inside and out, taking into account any issues that would make the vehicle unusable. Based on this assessment, a repair plan will be put forward to try and get your vehicle back up and working.

Internal & External Repairs

Once your vehicle is all checked out, and we have your approval, we can move forward with engine and body repairs. How long the repairs take depends on the scale of the damage incurred, and whether or not part replacements must be ordered.

Have you been in an accident? If so, it may be time to schedule a visit to the Patriot Chevy Limerick service center to get your vehicle checked out. Even the smallest of bumps can cause issues under your vehicle’s hood, so don’t hesitate to reach out for service!

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